Each week of the CMALT cMOOC we explore one of the key areas of a CMALT portfolio. Use the Project Bank to upload and share examples of evidence for each of these key areas. Choose “Submit Project” from the main menu above, and provide a link to your example online plus a description and icon. Make sure you provide feedback to other participants via comments and ‘rating’ their project submission ideas!

Over these next few weeks we aim to help you in the development of your own CMALT portfolio. Each week we explore one of the core sections/elements of a CMALT portfolio. The content of a CMALT portfolio should include several sections that each includes a description of what the participant has done, recent evidence to support this, and reflection upon what was learnt, however only the four core areas are assessed:

  • A contextual statement: a concise biography and professional goals
  • Core area 1: Operational Issues – the constraints and benefits, technical knowledge, and deployment of learning technologies.
  • Core area 2: Learning, teaching and assessment – evidence of learning design, and supporting learner needs.
  • Core area 3: Wider context – understanding legislation, policies and standards.
  • Communication and working with others.
  • Core area 4: A specialist option – demonstrating specialisation within your own context.
  • Future plans
  • Confirmation

The CMALT portfolio can take a range of digital formats including: A Word document; A Google Site; An e-portfolio; and a podcast or vodcast.

Have a look at the CMALT Prospectus [PDF] for an introduction to the scheme at a glance.

CMALT Support :

CMALT GuidelinesGuidelines for CMALT candidates and assessors [updated April 2016]